Manager and Driver – A comparison.

Can you judge a person’s managerial potential, competence and capability by observing his driving style?

First let us analyze who is a good driver before comparing a driver with a manager.

What is expected of a good driver?

  1. Drive you and others safely from place to place.
  2. The passengers should feel comfortable and stress free while travelling.
  3. Reach the destination as fast as possible without making accidents.
  4. Take good care of the car.

How to be a good driver

  1. Driving is an intelligent activity and only an intelligent person can become a good driver.
  2. Know the road and traffic rules and sign.
  3. Develop excellent skills in maneuvering the vehicle through bad roads and heavy traffic.
  4. Basic knowledge about the vehicle and essential maintenance is a must.
  5. Self-discipline is very important to be a good driver. Ignoring speed limits, one way traffic rules, parking regulations, road signs etc. indicate lack of integrity and ethics.
  6. A driver must know his way around. If not, enquire and learn about the best and shortest route to the destination in advance. It is never good to stop vehicle multiple times on the way to enquire about the route or get delayed to reach the destination because a wrong route was taken.
  7. Check weather and traffic conditions before leaving home for a long distance travel.
  8. Understand and anticipate other driver’s behavior. Accidents can happen not only because you did not drive properly but also due to the mistake of others. Driver behavior also differs from place to place and city to city.
  9. Be careful about large vehicles, particularly trucks and transport buses. It doesn’t matter that you are driving on the right lane or following the rules, in an accident you won’t be there to explain the truth.
  10. Be calm and composed while driving, even when the situation is disturbing and difficult.
  11. Check and ensure clear vision before starting the vehicle. Clean the front glass if required.
  12. Check your co-passengers. They should not be distracting you while driving.
  13. Be smooth. Let the passengers be not unduly discomforted while travelling. Best drivers are smooth drivers.
  14. Be confident, particularly when you are planning to overtake another vehicle. Make your judgment whether it is safe to overtake and go ahead once the decision is taken. Do not change your decision half way through the process.
  15. In case you are going for a long distance drive that lasts more than 5 hours, ensure that the driver has had enough rest before to ensure he is fit and alert for the highway travel.
  16. Never take alcoholic drinks, drugs or other mood elevating substances before a long drive which increases your risk taking attitude without proper judgment.
  17. Safety is always a priority. Ensure the driver and all the passengers are wearing their seat belts, particularly in the highways.
  18. Attitude – if you do not have the right attitude it won’t matter how much knowledge or skill you have, you won’t be a good driver.

Let me also say a few words about drivers. Generally we treat them as one of the lowest category of workers in the society. Whether it is a taxi or auto driver or the much hated truck and bus drivers, we usually don’t say good things about them, except may be on very few occasions. If you are hiring one for the office or home, the only selection criteria is his cleanliness and reasonable driving skills and you try to pay him the lowest salary possible! It doesn’t matter that he is driving your expensive car and carrying yours and other family members precious lives a driver is not considered as a critical member of your team or organization.


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