Have you ever experienced the following behavior?

You finally reach the toll booth after being in the queue for more than 15 minutes. Your colleague who is driving the car rolls down the window and ask the operator as to how much is the toll…. Then slowly searches for the money purse which is finally traced to his back-pocket and hands over Rs. 500 for a toll of 31! The toll booth operator is trying to be patient but not the drivers in the vehicles behind who started honking due to the unusual delay! You too are exasperated by the casual and thoughtless behavior of your colleague but keep a smiling and indifferent face. The worst part is that you again stand in the queue to pay the same thirty one rupees on return which could have been avoided if a return ticket was taken.

Or have you seen business executives, who looks like frequent traveler, stumbling at the security check point searching for his boarding pass or taking out coins and key chains one by one when you are fuming behind him in the queue when your flight is already announced! There are also persons who search for their passport after reaching the immigration counter!

What is your opinion about such persons?  How do you define their behavior? If you are his boss, would you give him additional responsibilities or promote such people?

 I see a lot deficiency in these type of individuals. Clearly they are not action oriented and does not show any sense of urgency and may miss many opportunities in their lives. They also seriously lack in certain managerial skill sets such as planning, organizing, timely decision making and priority setting. Lack of maturity, responsibility and thoughtfulness stand outs in these people and they can also be called undisciplined.

One might think that I am too critical, harsh and paranoiac in judging people and that too very soon. But my experience shows that these are not one time behavior but habits formed over a period of time and difficult to change unless conscious about it and make serious efforts to change.




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