Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” –Brian Tracy

A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness. Gratitude builds humility as we recognize an act of kindness, service, or caring from someone else. True gratitude is a foundation for faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being. Being grateful leads us to look outside ourselves and turn to the bestower of the blessings. The link between spirituality and gratitude has recently become a popular subject of study. While these two characteristics are certainly not dependant on each other, studies have found that spirituality is capable of enhancing a person’s ability to be grateful and therefore, those who regularly attend religious services or engage in religious activities are more likely to have a greater sense of gratitude in all areas of life.

Guru-kripa-grace of a Guru-is also an essential element for one’s success.  A Guru can be pleased with his disciple only if the latter carries out his instructions diligently and implicitly and do nothing that will hurt the feelings or image of the Guru, Guide or the teacher.

However what do we see around us these days, particularly in the corporate sector? They act like Bhasmasura, trying to destroy the very person or organization that has helped the individual to be where s/he is today.

Demon Bhasmasura performed intense ‘tapas’ (penance) for several years with only the thought of Lord Shiva. Finally, Lord Shiva relented and granted the demon the boon that he asked – that he could burn to ashes anyone whose head he placed his hand. An Asura, Bhasmasura showed his true color and he wanted to test the power of the boon by placing his hand on Shiva’s head. Shiva fled in terror and sought the help of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu who knew about this evil desire took the form of Mohini, the seductress, once again. Bhasmasura is taken with Mohini’s charm and beauty and asks her to marry him. Mohini convinces him to dance and mimic every move that she makes. In the course of gestures and postures, Mohini puts her hand on her head and Bhasmasura, distracted by her beauty and grace, does the same. The moment he places his hand on his head, he gets burned and dies and Shiva and the world are saved.

Don’t we see many Bhasmasuras around us in the corporate circle? A company invests more than six months of their time, money and resources in training the person, in their technology, products, markets, competitors and also imparting the necessary skills such as selling techniques, diagnostic skills, communication skills, leadership skills, etc. In high technology companies, the training is ongoing both in the class rooms as well as on the job. Once that person starts getting results and being successful, may be after 3 or 5 years, s/he feels de-motivated due to increase in expectations. And then leaves the company and joins the competition. There he uses all the knowledge and skill learned earlier, to destroy the same company that made him eligible for the current job by misusing trade secrets and internal information and saying negative things about the products and people. He will also try to allure people and make the company weak. I am not against persons joining competition, but should believe in the law of abundance; my success is not achieved by the failure of someone else, there is enough in the world for all of us to be successful.

When one is reasonably successful in life or in any particular endeavor they generally attribute it to their individual knowledge, competence and hard work.  Probably that would also be the beginning of their decline. However great one may be no success can ever be achieved without the support from many persons who are known and unknown. And Gurukripa is essential for continued success!

Venu Payyanur

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  1. Gowri Krishnakumar
    Gowri Krishnakumar says:

    Through Bhasmasura’s stor, it is very evident that knowledge gained to destroy others, will lead to self destruction. Any success in this way will be short lived. A Guru shares is knowledge with the seekers, and that is why Vidya Daanam is considered to be of highest of the charity one can give – A daanam which will enable a person to acquire knowledge and take it forward and become successful.


  2. Sajina Venugopal Chhabra
    Sajina Venugopal Chhabra says:

    Sir, what would be path a person, who does not have a Guru’s hand on his head or Guru’s protection, take in order to seek the right direction to success?

    • Venu Payyanur
      Venu Payyanur says:

      Guru’s blessings are essential for one’s success. Like a mother, a Guru is also a person with earth like patience and ocean of love, and will always protect and bless the disciples. Unless of course the person has done something so drastically to hurt the feelings or image of the Guru. Inadvertently if something of that sort has happened, then always ask for pardon or do “prayaschittam”.

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    bet365 says:

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  4. Kochu Sankar
    Kochu Sankar says:

    Great Message.. Would giving constructive feedback on specific issue (not good for him) directly to Guru be lack of Guruthwam even if it might momentarily hurt him.

  5. 7
    7 says:

    This article has reaffirmed the concept of Guru.

    But I have one question, Many people helped me throughout my life, but I don’t have anyone called a Guru…
    Who is a Guru? Does everyone has a Guru? What about self made people who struggle their way to success??

    • Venu Payyanur
      Venu Payyanur says:

      There are many questions here and all are very interesting! We all have “Gurus” but many times we do not recognize them. The person who helps you remove “darkness” or “ignorance” is a Guru. In Bhagavatam, there is a discussion between Lord Dattatreya and King Yadu in which the Lord give details of 24 Gurus who helped him gain wisdom and self realization. the Gurus include among others a pigeon, python, elephant and ant. However we generally refers a Self realized Sanyasin or a God man as Guru who can guide you through philosophical and spiritual practices.


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