There are many misgivings about wealth in our society. Though everybody wants to be rich, the rich are looked down as sinners and greedy. It is passion among politicians to criticize the businessman but approach them for money during election times. Here is an excerpt from Mahabharata.

Without wealth, a man cannot find the very means of sustaining his life. A fool and his money are soon parted. He that has wealth has friends and relatives. He that has wealth is regarded as a learned man. If a person who has no wealth desires to achieve a particular purpose, he meets with failure. Wealth brings about accessions of wealth, like elephants capturing (wild) elephants. Religious acts, pleasures, joy, courage, anger, learning, and sense of dignity, all these proceed from wealth. From wealth one acquires family honour. From wealth, one’s religious merit increases as he succeeds in performing religious acts. It is seen that a poor man, even when he stands near, is accused falsely. Poverty is a state of sinfulness. The man that is fallen grieves, as also he that is poor. There is no difference between a fallen man and a poor man.

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