Janamejaya, the son of Maharaja Parikshit was attending a long sacrifice on the plains of Kurukshetra with his brothers. As they were sitting at the sacrifice, there saw a dog. Beaten by the brothers of Janamejaya, the dog ran away to his mother, crying in pain. Questioned by the mother Sarama, the dog mentioned that the brothers of Janamejaya beat him. Hearing this and much distressed at the suffering of her son, she went to the place where Janamejaya with his brothers addressed them in anger, saying, “this my son has committed no fault: he has neither looked upon your sacrificial butter nor touched it with his tongue. Why have you beaten him?” They said not a word in reply; whereupon she said, “as you have beaten my son who has committed no fault evil shall come upon you, when you least expect it.”

In organizations, whether military, government or private, execute authority increases with rank or positions. Seniors have authority to reward or punish juniors. Similarly, in scriptures one can read the authority and power of Kings and Rishis. However, the story above clearly shows that even a dog can punish a King, if the King harasses without any reason. If you are a low-level employee in a company, do not worry. None can harass you without reason, and if they do, you have the moral right to punish them. If not directly, providence will interfere and do the needful.

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