Who is a successful person? Can you define such a person? I would say that a person who is happy, healthy, reasonably prosperous and secure, have friends, have peace of mind, has good family relationship and has hope can be considered as a successful person. This article is about how to lead a healthy, happy and successful life.

A person has to take care of four areas to lead such a life, physical, mental, spiritual and social. We believe that our bodies, organs and systems are totally separate from our thoughts, emotions, energy fields and our spiritual selves. We need to understand how our thoughts can affect our behaviour and ultimately our health. We need to understand how our emotions work and how repressed emotions can create serious illness in our bodies.

Physical – These days our health and life expectancy are threatened from all sides by numerous factors. It is our responsibility to take some basic precautions to safeguard our health and ensure the potential for you to live a long life. Significant factors that impact life expectancy include gender, genetics, access to health care, hygiene, diet and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Here are things one must do ensure a healthy body.

  • Food – A good diet eaten moderately can prevent or cure many disorders which are considered to be “non-curable” by modern medicine. Eating a vegetarian diet slows down the aging process and increases life expectancy. Avoid junk food and processed food from your diet completely. Eat to live and not live to eat.
  • Water – Drinking plenty of water not only makes you feel less hungry, it also regulates your metabolism. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body and keeps many diseases at bay.
  • Sleep – A sound sleep relaxes your body and mind and enables the systems to work properly. Sleep deficit can create serious health issues as well as decreasing your intellectual capability. One should have an average of 7 hours of sleep preferably between 10 PM and 5 AM. (Details of the daily routine will be discussed in the forthcoming articles).
  • Exercise – Regular exercise can prevent and reverse age-related decreases in muscle mass and strength, improve balance, flexibility, and endurance. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, etc. are better and suitable for any age group of persons.
  • Yoga and Meditation – Correct breathing is the assurance of good health and longevity of life. An important part of the meditation process of yoga is Pranayama but must be learned under a Guru.

Mind – There is great relationship between mind and body and one need a healthy mind to have a healthy body and vice versa. The power of the mind is beyond our imaginations. Since thought always precedes action we come to the conclusion that if we can change our thinking we can change our behaviour. The foundation of our thoughts is the beliefs and values we have developed over time. These beliefs and values must be identified, reviewed and changed if we want to change our thought patterns and subsequent actions. To strengthen our mind, I recommend the following.

  • Read books – reading has many benefits, including improving your knowledge and understanding that helps your profession and social life. An idle mind is devils mind, and with a book as your companion, your mind can never be idle. Ensure to select the right book that meets your intellectual curiosity, professional and spiritual requirements.
  • Listen to Intellectuals, Experts and Gurus – These days you do not have to travel long distance or pay astronomical sums to listen to experts or Gurus in any walk of life, they are readily available in your drawing room TV sets as long as you choose the right channel. However too much TV serials where crime, cheating, scheming, suffering, sex and violence is not very good for the physical and mental development of an individual.
  • Mental exercises – crosswords, puzzles, brain games, Sudoku, etc. are some of the leisure activities that are useful to develop the mind.

Spiritual Life – many are confused between spirituality and religion more so in these days of religious fundamentalism and intolerance. Though both lead to GOD, Spirituality is solely in the self and based on pure love, whereas religion prescribes certain systems and practices to be followed to realise GOD. One can be spiritual without being religious and attain peace and realization. To be vital and healthy one need to have a spiritual life. We need to have values and beliefs which we live by and strive to achieve and must be integrated into our work, home and social lives. Yoga and meditation, visiting places of worship, etc. helps strengthen our spirituality.

Social Life – Imagine you are in the coffin but by the special grace of GOD, you can listen to what people are thinking and talking. What would you like to hear from your wife/husband, son, daughter, father, mother, brothers, sisters, other relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours and other visitors? Generally we all like them to be sad about your death and wish you are not dead. You wish them to say how good husband/wife you were or how great a parent you were? What a fantastic boss, colleague, and subordinate you were! But the truth may be different! You may be hearing things exactly the opposite though externally most of them may be expressing their sorrow! Why? Think what you would have done differently to hear better words from all of them? Then start doing it right away! When was the last time you visited your mother, father, brother or sister who are not living with you? Better still when was the last time you talked to them? Telephones calls are very cheap these days and make it a point to call your near and dear ones if not weekly, at least on their birthdays, wedding anniversary days, major festival days etc. Visit them whenever you have an opportunity. As a boss, how many persons you have helped when they are in trouble? Have you held back anything that is useful or rewarding from them because they did not know about it? Have you been fair and impartial in your judgement? Did you do your best to help them? If not start doing it right away!

Many consider a wealthy person as a successful person. Therefore we pursue money, power, recognition and stardom so vigorously that we forget to live. Even if we make enough money (then, how much money is enough?) our health and family relationship deteriorates so much that one cannot have a healthy, peaceful and satisfied life. Therefore the best way to live is by taking care of your body, mind, relationships and being spiritual. You will not only be successful but also health and happy. Enjoy.

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  1. Anil
    Anil says:

    Wonderful article. Wealth, health and success are tricky issues of life. Your solutions are simple and easy to follow. I was always confused with the difference of being spiritual and being devotional (religious). Thanks to your article, I have understood the difference. You may elaborate this subject in your future posts.


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