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Sibling Rivalry

When children of the same parents behave differently and at times fight each other, we wonder what is happening. Only in Hindi movies, we have seen that separated on birth one becomes a Police officer and other a Villain and fight to death or reconcile at the end. However, the truth is different. Even though […]

Origins of Terrorism

 Throughout the history of mankind, societies have tried to balance between individual rights and the mighty coercive power of the State. There were many political unrest and associated deaths and destruction in India due to the compulsory acquisition of land for industrialization, building of dams, defence installations, new capital formation, etc. That includes issues we […]

Reward and Punishments

Janamejaya, the son of Maharaja Parikshit was attending a long sacrifice on the plains of Kurukshetra with his brothers. As they were sitting at the sacrifice, there saw a dog. Beaten by the brothers of Janamejaya, the dog ran away to his mother, crying in pain. Questioned by the mother Sarama, the dog mentioned that […]

Onam – myths, mysteries and myopic thoughts.

  “Maveli Naadu vaanidum kaalam, Manushyarellarum onnu pole Aamodathode vasikkum kaalam, Aapathangarku-mottilla thaanum Aadhikal vyaadhikal onnumilla, Baalamaranangal kelkkanilla Dushtare kankondu kaanmanilla, Nallavarallathe illa paaril… illa paaril” “When Mahabali was the ruler, all were happy and none had any problems or difficulties. People were very healthy and never heard of infant mortality. There were only good […]

Lessons from Trees

      Lessons from Trees The Tree is a common universal symbol that is found in many different traditions around the world. Trees are symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, sustenance, spiritual growth, union and fertility. Exploring tree symbolism is one of the most beneficial way to learn big lessons in […]

Kirti Mukha

Kirti Mukha – The Essence of Time.       “Change is the only constant in life” Above the main entrance of any Hindu temple or in some Hindu houses one can see a ferocious looking head of a monster called “Kirti Mukha”, literally meaning “the face-of-glory” and it represents the principle of all-consuming Time. […]

10 types of Purifications

10 types of Purification 1. Body gets purified by Water and Yoga 2. Breath gets purified by Pranayama 3. Mind gets purified by Meditation 4. Intellect gets purified by Knowledge 5. Memory gets purified by Thinking and Introspection 6. Ego gets purified by Selfless Service. 7. Self gets purified by Silence 8. Food gets purified by […]

Hanuman and Success in Life

Hanuman and Success in life KV Venugopalan Hanuman is a universal God worshipped across continents irrespective of their religion, cast or creed. People worship Lord Hanuman to get blessings and to be free from evil spirits, to overcome complex problems in life such as long standing health problems, problems in marriage life, mental or psychological […]

Thinkers and Doers

  In our society or in organizations you will find two categories of people, thinkers and doers. Thinkers realize what is right and wrong and have a sense of rationality. They also tend to be excellent planners. Whereas doers are action oriented and excellent in execution. Generally it is difficult to find a thinker who […]

Calm India

  Two things that you notice when you return to India from a foreign trip are the filth on our roads and the noise, particularly the constant and incessant honking of vehicles. Our honourable Prime Minister has already initiated a “clean India” program and it is for us, the citizens to start the “Calm India” […]