Parikshit was a great king who ruled righteously and protected all. Yet, one day he did an action that was unpardonable which led to his death. Even though he was tired and fatigued, arrogance of being a king made him insult a Yogi who was on deep meditation, because the silent Yogi did not answer the questions asked by the king. For a simple reason a great king had to die.

Similar incident happened in Kerala recently. An arrogant police officer, who became very angry, as an Electrician had parked his car in front of the officer’s car and the Officer had to wait for some time to resume his journey. This led to serious altercation with the Electrician, which finally resulted in his death as the officer and his men showed their might and authority. Having realized that her husband died due to Police high handedness, she started a hunger strike, which finally led to the order for arresting the accused officer. Having absconded initially, the Officer returned home after a week, only to commit suicide to avoid ignominy and possible punishment.

Two valuable lives lost due to arrogance and momentary loss of judgement.

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