Anger is the root of all prosperity and all adversity. A person who suppresses his anger earns prosperity and reaps adversity from his fierce anger. It is seen in this world that anger is the root cause of destruction of every creature. The angry man commits sin, insults his superiors in harsh word and fails to distinguish between what should be said and what should not. There is no act that an angry man may not do, no word that an angry man may not utter. From anger a man may even kill one that should not be killed. The angry men do not see things in their true light and drives off his patience. The mind cannot be kept under control when it is influenced by anger, arrogance, vanity, or pride. Therefore it is mandatory for all those who are desirous of peaceful and prosperous life to control their anger.

A weak man can cause his own destruction by getting angry towards those who are strong and powerful.  However a wise man controls his anger and forgives those who are the cause of his suffering, if they are strong and powerful.  It is generally understood that an honest and forgiving man is always successful. Truth is more beneficial than untruth; and gentleness better than cruel behavior. The man who has the ability to control anger acquires with ease, generosity, dignity, courage, skill, and other attributes belonging to those with good character. A man by forsaking anger can exhibit proper energy, whereas, it is highly difficult for the angry man to exhibit his energy at the proper time! The ignorant always regard anger as equivalent to energy.

The man, who wishes to behave properly, must always forsake anger. A wise and excellent person who has conquered his anger and who shows forgiveness even when insulted, oppressed, and angered by a strong person attains greatness in this world.

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